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Attractions in Cameroon (7)

  • Mount Cameroon
  • Dja Faunal Reserve
  • Maga Dam
  • Waza National Park
  • Korup National Park
  • Korup National Park
  • Lake Nyos

Comments on Cameroon (1)

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Mbah Daniel,is still being very interesting to reaches at this national area's like's (waza animals park,lake kumba,lake chad,lake nyos,explorivies disasteriouses gas of may be agained twice at wum,lake kumba,limbe sea and others sea extentions ,and it's onn or innery sea's resources discoveries and it exploiding benefits to the of imports and exporting development to the districts or cities or county and the country's,and the Buea mountain both's trees guardians by the cameroonians forestry forces and mountain animals and the up mountain hit's respirations for due of the innerouses mountain internal hit's and it hitherizes effections to humans at the down valleys pavilons refuges foundations or how the lava directions running down to the valley to the limbe sea or batouker sea side,but,while others remains craters can still can still stayed at up the Buea Mountain and wait for any seasonal rains falling to flooshing the particles down to the mountain upperfarms hollowing due to the force of the drainaging and with others performances of due to the weatherizies and why others environiouses cores yield fieldiments performances from the Buea mountain mixed disasters ingridents of comparies of it textures evaluations material development of it summitial soils others as specials mountain trees and it like magic tree herb's help of processing for in terms of medicines sirops or tablet med's or of comparing likes the quinen plants trees in Metengene-Ombe going to lLimbe roads in cameroon,And then,with locals clinics and hospitals difficulties poverties stressfulness or health materials on lacking being needing of supporting to rebuilding and equipments,and then with others missions health centers in local suburb's area's in Africa-continent or in others continentals on including my touris/usa tourschd mil's of land forces analysis,and studing of others meteorolouses atmospheres,and global environmental socials developments for especially to the farmers ,with anothers life stocks and animals weather feeling a suitables weahers and aeroses space gridlines monitoring hires of due to humans and others air's dangers and somes others countries political humaniterians or political escappies and democracies or policy's and best parl constitutions draft from theirs area's,yes,if is to as much hards to me,I will likes to works with the nearest ( local Red Cross or Ifrc) chiefs of staff's,for to actually told me the faster truth or on directing me,the mighyies truth's or the missions clinics or missions hospitals etc, ) , another to attaching on this my adventures researching at moments etc, MBAH DANIEIL USA WHITE HOUSE INTERNATIONAL AND GLOBAL TOURS STUDIES RESEARCHING STUDENT ETC,

Mbah Daniel

25-06-2015 19:05

Buea, Cameroon


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